When is the best time to find a trustworthy locksmith in New York City?

Answer: Before you need one.

It is no secret to New Yorkers that there is a degree of sleeze among many New York locksmiths. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business. The payoff for locksmith services is quick and lucrative. That’s because people are usually in a panic. We find that consumers will pay almost anything to get back in their home or car. People do not like feeling vulnerable, and vulnerable is exactly what they are when they’re stuck.

Not all locksmiths are out for the unearned buck, however. There are some very reputable professionals in the city. In fact, prior to the Internet explosion, there were far more honest locksmiths in New York than crooks. Today, it seems, things are the opposite. So how do you find the good ones?

Joe Abergil of M&D Locks and Keys explains,

Most people don’t think about a locksmith until the worst possible time – when they’re locked out. When you’re vulnerable, you do not think rationally, you just want to get back in. We see it all the time. Part of our job is to help our customers calm down so they can make rational decisions.

Thinking rational can help customers save a lot of money. “I’ve even helped people find lost keys,” says Joe as he laughs. “It’s not very profitable for us, but people really appreciate it.”

Joe suggests consumers take some time to research locksmiths. Check reviews, talk to friends and ask for recommendations in social media platforms. Even in a digital world, referrals and the views from other consumers is still the best way to go.

Joe also urges consumers to never trust a locksmith who shows up in an unmarked car. Check for a valid license number and never let them break your door without a thorough explanation. It’s a good idea to take pictures before and after their work. Finally, when calling a locksmith, make sure the company is not a call center. Many of the bad guys have set up call centers and give your request to the highest bidder. These companies may or may not be licensed. Be sure to ask if the person you are speaking with works for the same company as the person coming out to do the job. If not, hang up.

Finally, you can always call Joe at M&D Locks and Keys. He’s got some of the best customer testimonials in New York City and has digital tools and equipment that can unlock doors, extract keys broken in locks and fabricate remote access keys and security devices right on the spot. Here’s his info:

M&D Locks and Keys
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New York, NY 11218
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