The Best Lock for Your Williamsburg Home

We often get asked what is the best, most secure lock for your home. That’s not an easy question to answer because there are many types of homes and many reasons to protect them. We usually recommend more than one lock, especially in New York City, regardless of the borough.

Bolt and chain locks are the most common types of locks we see in the home and they provide excellent protection in most cases. Chain locks can be forced open if enough force is used and bolt locks can stick from time to time.

I won’t go into the many different types of locks such as cylinder locks, combination locks and cam locks. Wikipedia does a pretty good job at describing the many locks used in the city today. Here are a few:

Bicycle lock
Cam lock
Chamber lock
Child safety lock
Combination lock
Cylinder lock
Electronic lock
Electric strike
Magnetic lock
Mortise lock
Keycard lock
Lever tumbler lock
Chubb detector lock
Protector lock
Luggage lock
Magnetic keyed lock
Rim lock
Time lock

A common lock we see in the City is the antique lock. It comes in many forms and can be from a few decades old to over a century. M&D has a lot of experience in repairing and maintaining antique locks. We’re one of the few locksmiths in the city that do. But we’re not all about antiques. We are certified professionals I the most sophisticated locking mechanisms out today and we regularly train our technicians on new developments and techniques used by the bad guys. Read our last blog post about our capabilities with locks and security systems.

To learn more about locking mechanisms or to speak to an M&D Locksmith professional, call us at 347-269-4081.

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