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It will happen to all of us. We — or someone we know, such as our two year old child — locks the car door with the keys inside. Sometimes we get home from a very long day at work only to realize the door is locked and we can’t get in. The timing is awful and we’re likely in a rush. It’s a horrible feeling.

Brooklyn has its share of deceitful automotive locksmiths and it’s times such as these when they’re looking for you. Let your guard down and you can wind up paying for quite a few avoidable charges.

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The primary reason there are a lot of scams is that people tend to make irrational choices when they are panicked. It’s no wonder there’re so many bad guys waiting to take advantage of locked out consumers. People will pay just about anything to regain control. It’s also a quick pay off. In an emergency situation, consumers are expected to pay on the spot so there are no invoices and no second thoughts. Payment is immediate and businesses with instant payoffs always draw in the bad guys.

All too often, when you realize you’re locked out, your mind switches into emergency mode and you will often make irrational choices just to restore control. ”That’s why the right time to search for a trustworthy automotive locksmith is when you don’t need one,” says Joe Bar of M&D Locks and Keys. “Do your homework now and find a locksmith professional you have confidence in according to his credentials and past performance. His emergency lockout number should always be handy — in your wallet, your telephone and any place else you can think of.”

If you’ve got a vehicle designed after 1985, the chances are you have some form of transponder key or remote access component. FOB keys, transponder keys, panic buttons, remote access and keyless entry devices are all very sophisticated systems, but an effective automotive locksmith will know how to replace, duplicate or repair them all, even with no original. Be sure the locksmith you want is skilled with these products as well as all the different makes and models of cars and trucks. Repairing a FOB or keyless entry unit will undoubtedly be costly, but most car locksmiths should have the capability.

Be sure the specialist you decide on is a local Brooklyn locksmith. They will have a local contact number and area code along with an address with an actual shop, not a PO Box.

Stay away from cash-only businesses. If a locksmith won’t take a credit card, it’s a red flag that they’re trying to hide something.

If you have a special need like a safe that needs opening or door that is jammed shut, locksmiths typically offer these types of services as well. If you select one that not only offers lockout services, but security camera installation, security doors and windows, then you know you’ve found a specialist who probably knows their business. Many will also install security gates and bars for your home windows if you live in neighborhoods like Downtown Brooklyn, Greenwood Heights or Navy Hill.

Services that are too numerous could indicate that your chosen locksmith is unfocused and trying to be all things to all consumers. That could be a lock and key company to steer clear of. It’s a good idea to look for a contractor who specializes in automotive lockout emergencies and car key replacement.

Among the most important recommendations we can give you is to make sure your locksmith asks for verification before letting you back in your vehicle. These people get access to tools that are illegal for you and I to possess. With that comes an obligation and ethic to use them appropriately and legally. Be sure that they ask. Comply with the other suggestions we’ve made and your emergency lockout experience will be a lot less upsetting.

Of course, we always suggest you use M&D Locks and Keys for all your automotive lockout situations. Car key replacement is one of our specialties so ours is the phone number you want to keep handy. Call us to be sure at (718) 484-4050.

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