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Locksmith Trust

It seems we talk about locksmith scams way too much. The Palm Beach Daily News just reported that the Palm Beach Police arrested a man posing as a locksmith. He was unlicensed and taking locksmith calls and referring the calls out to bidders. Some of the locksmiths would even show up and claim they were [...]

New York Locksmith Provides Winter Storm Relief

Here's our latest press release. you can find it in over 437 different news publications. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Joseph Abergil M&D Locks and Keys 1004 Cortelyou Road New York, NY 11218 (347) 269-4018 https://brooklynmanhattanlocksmith.com [email protected] Summary: M&D Locks and Keys is offering additional assistance to New York residents hit by recent storms by extending [...]

Locating a Reputable Locksmith in New York

Having been through all kinds of locking mechanisms and security devices, I have arrived at the conclusion that home protection is a thing that one needs to do themself. I’ve triple-locked my doors only to have break-ins come through the window. I’ve put bars on my windows and then have my car stolen from the [...]

New York Locksmiths: Find the Right One for You

Who hasn't locked themselves out of the car or home at one time or another? You may even see the keys sitting right there on your car seat. What do you do? You search your handheld for a New York locksmith. This is the moment that you need to be especially diligent. You don't want [...]

Good Business

At M&D Locks and Keys we believe in good business. That means we work with honest companies that comply with FTC regulations and best practices for ethical business promotion. Our web marketing consultant, Trip'n Promotions, has helped us promote our business in ways that are sustainable and honest. We highly recommend this company for web [...]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the M&D blog. We will soon be posting plenty of good articles on safety and security, especially as it relates to New York residents. We've been providing locksmith services for the New York community for many years. We're experts at it and we want to share our knowledge with you. All our posts [...]
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