The History of Locksmithing

Beginning about four thousand years ago in Babylon and Ancient Egypt, locksmithing is not a new profession. Often hefty, the original locks were made of wood and were bulky—they did, however, work about the same as they do now. As the idea of utilizing locks to protect valuables spread, the use of this lucrative tool […]

Keyless Entry Replacement

  THE MOST ADVANCED LOCKOUT EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE Not every locksmith can replace or repair your lost, stolen or broken keyless entry unit. The good news is that every M&D Locks and Keys van is a self-contained mobile locksmith shop that carries the specific tools and parts for your keyless entry system. All our locksmith technicians […]

How to Pick a Lock

You see this title often. If you search hard enough, you’ll find all sorts of tricks for picking door locks, car locks and even some that are more complicated, but really, we’re not going to give anything away here. Why? Because it would be irresponsible for us. Regardless of the pledge we took and the […]

When is the best time to find a trustworthy locksmith in New York City?

Answer: Before you need one. It is no secret to New Yorkers that there is a degree of sleeze among many New York locksmiths. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business. The payoff for locksmith services is quick and lucrative. That’s because people are usually in a panic. We find that consumers will pay […]

New York Locksmith Provides Winter Storm Relief

Here’s our latest press release. you can find it in over 437 different news publications. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Joseph Abergil M&D Locks and Keys 1004 Cortelyou Road New York, NY 11218 (347) 269-4018 Certified Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY [email protected] Summary: M&D Locks and Keys is offering additional assistance to New York residents hit by […]

New York Locksmiths: Find the Right One for You

Who hasn’t locked themselves out of the car or home at one time or another? You may even see the keys sitting right there on your car seat. What do you do? You search your handheld for a New York locksmith. This is the moment that you need to be especially diligent. You don’t want […]

Good Business

At M&D Locks and Keys we believe in good business. That means we work with honest companies that comply with FTC regulations and best practices for ethical business promotion. Our web marketing consultant, Trip’n Promotions, has helped us promote our business in ways that are sustainable and honest. We highly recommend this company for web […]