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Indoor Security Cameras
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Protect your family and property with M&D’s hi tech security camera and surveillance systems. Security cameras for both home and business.

M&D Locks and Keys has been a Brooklyn fixture for a long time. We love it here, but we also need to keep our family and property safe from burglary and theft. Installing a security camera system is a great idea and if you live in Flatbush, you’re in luck because with M&D’s practical experience, we know the sort of security cameras, surveillance units and alarm systems that perform best for you. Over the years our customers have expressed similar concerns so we thought we would share a number of them below.

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Indoor Security Cameras
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Home Security Cameras New York Citry

Protect your loved ones and property with M&D’s home security cameras. Keep an eye on potential intruders and even baby sitters right from your phone, computer or tablet. Call us for a home installation quote today.


Commercial Security Cameras Brooklyn, NY

From indoor dome cameras and night vision units to heavy duty surveillance and CCTV cameras, protect your business from the inside and out with M&D’s commercial security camera products and installation.


CCTV Cameras, Brooklyn, NY

M&D not only provides a wide variety of top line security cameras for your home or business, but we carry all monitoring devices and accessories from remote access to intercom integration. Our installation experts will provide an estimate that is right for any situation.

Need Security Cameras For Your Home?

What are common uses for home security cameras?
Flatbush residents use security cameras for a number of reasons, but the most common are deterring criminals and break-ins, safeguarding family and property from theft and burglary and to watch over caregivers and house cleaning staff.

What are some of the best security cameras for Flatbush homeowners?
We have done considerable research and testing on security products from digital cameras, remote access systems to surveillance computers and recording tools. The three brands that stand out are Bosch, Samsung and Sony.

For their effectiveness, these are the three principal brands we set up for our clients. We can update and service other makes and models, but check with us first.

What types of security cameras are there?
Network or IP cameras
IP or network cameras have become popular among Flatbush home owners. They allow monitoring from any device and can integrate many other characteristics such as remote monitoring, wireless technology and multi-viewing. Businesses use network cameras and will display activity from all cameras on one monitor. These systems may be a little much if you are monitoring a small area, but let a specialist help you make that decision.

Closed circuit or CCTV cameras have been around for a while are very versatile. Recent improvements in the technology of CCTV cameras have made them a favorite among home owners and business owners alike.

Dome Cameras
Dome Cameras BrooklynSupplying a greater surveillance area, dome cameras have become very popular with their sleek design and plentiful functions. These are the gizmos you see in Atlantic City casinos. The dome glass is often shaded, hiding the camera direction. If you’ve been to Atlantic City, you may have noticed the “eye-in-the-sky” dome cameras just over your blackjack table.

Imitation Security Equipment
Imitation units tend to be applied as primarily deterrents and are not much more than the camera housing. Dome camera housing is typically used for fake cameras. These systems tend to be used by individuals who cannot afford a real security system, yet still need a deterrent for likely trespassers. They actually do a good job since they are virtually indistinguishable from genuine cameras.

Outdoor Units
Outdoor SecurityCameras for outdoor use are made to be a little more durable and are encased within a container that can help them withstand the harsh New York weather conditions. In most cases, they are aimed in one area and have limited range. Some can rotate their direction, but most cameras are one-directional and need to be moved physically to change angles.

Night Vision
With infrared technology, night vision units can allow one to supervise an area even though it may be completely obscured by darkness. The versatility of these systems have advanced considerably recently and now many of them operate effectively in both day and night, giving you 24 hour surveillance capability.

Wireless Security
Many of the previously mentioned systems come with cordless and remote access technology so you don’t have to choose between a good network camera and one that enables you to monitor your home while away. You can now have both. These systems are excellent choices to avoid long cables, drilling and damage to your home.

Hidden Cameras
Hidden Spy CameraThese babies are great if you don’t want anyone to know that you are watching them. They can take the appearance of a lot of different objects such as smoke sensors, lights and photographs. Some are so small, they could fit into one’s shirt pocket. Kind of like your favorite spy movie. We generally advise that your cameras be visible to everyone, however. It’s usually better to prevent break-ins and unwanted entry whenever you can.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors can be used with many home alarm systems. The recording starts any time movement is detected. Check with your security pro to determine which settings are right for you.

Are alarm and surveillance systems hard to control?
Security cameras have become much simpler over the last few years even with their sophisticated characteristics. Our professionals will walk you through each step of using your system until you are completely comfortable operating it all on your own.

What is the best way for me to install my system?
Don’t do it by yourself. Please let a professional do it for you.

Sometimes we come across a client who has purchased their particular system at a big box store such as Walmart or target. Without the right design and installation, these cameras will often be positioned poorly and configured incorrectly, creating more challenges than they solve. We don’t find fault with anyone for attempting to cut costs, but home security is too critical not to be done correctly. Your cameras may not be properly installed without the technician being on site. Knowing how to place the camera to get highest visibility, eliminate glare and act as a deterrent is the work of a qualified professional.

We highly recommend that a professional technician put in and service your home security camera system, even if you go with someone else.

Security Cameras NYC

How reliable are surveillance solutions? How well will they work?
When installed by a professional, they are very reliable at capturing the exact activity you want. But a pro who knows what they’re doing won’t end there, he or she will position them as an effective crime deterrent so the burglar or thief will leave. Handle the installation yourself and you risk burglars hacking your system and slicing wires. Bad guys patrolling Flatbush usually know what they’re doing and will spot amateur installations very quickly.

What to Consider
We’ll say it yet again, be sure to use a experienced installation specialist, even if it’s someone else. Home security is just too important. Call M&D at (718) 484-4050. Our specialists are experienced in Flatbush home security installation. We’ll make sure your new camera system is fully operational and that you are comfortable operating it all on your own.

When you are purchasing, take a look at both black and white as well as color systems. Substantial savings may be involved, but there could be additional considerations as well. The level of available light in an location may help you make a decision. Dimly lit areas in addition to those with a high degree of variable light will often fare better with black and white. Color ought to be used for indoor security cameras.

Picking the best resolution for your displays is important. The better resolution, the cleaner your images will likely be. Low resolution may be cheaper, but aren’t good for detailed facial or feature recognition.

Lastly, make sure your video cameras, displays, sensors and remote access devices are all compatible. It’s generally not wise to combine manufacturers unless you know which of them work effectively together.

What should I expect to spend for a system set up in Flatbush?
The price of a new system may easily determine the level of surveillance for your property.

In an effort to address this question, we will need to ask you a few questions as well: What do you need to view? Are there a number of rooms, a full house or a business to be monitored? What’s the total square footage? Do you need outdoor or indoor security cameras? How sophisticated do you want your new camera network? Will you need 24 hour surveillance, partial surveillance or motion detectors?

In case you don’t know the answers to these questions, don’t stress. Give us a call and one of our technicians will come out and help you find the right camera network for you. Contact us today at (718) 484-4050.

Helping Brooklyn residents keep safe is what we do best. Home surveillance cameras have been a huge part of that. Additional protective measures include putting in alarm systems, fitting entry ways with specialty locks and securing all windows, doors and gates. We’ll even secure your garage door should you have one. In fact, let us do a comprehensive assessment of your home or business and we will show you what areas are likely to be targeted by burglars. In the event your building or block does not use a neighborhood watch program, then suggest one. Mindful neighbors can do more to deter criminal activity than almost anything else. Lastly, consider getting a dog. They will adapt to an urban environment quite easily and are awesome protection from the bad guys. To get a home security check, be sure to call us at (718) 484-4050.

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