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Night Vision and Outdoor Security Cameras
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Protect your family and property with M&D’s hi tech security camera and surveillance systems. Security cameras for both home and business.

We get a lot of calls from New Utrecht home owners for security camera, alarm and surveillance monitoring systems. We are all aware that crime in Brooklyn is part of the territory. Burglary and break-ins are especially prevalent. According to NieghborhoodScout.com, Brooklyn is safer than only 38% of American communities. Yet, your chances of becoming a target are just 1 in 167. In New York they are 1 in 246. A new home security and alarm system is an excellent step toward keeping your family members safe and secure.

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Night Vision and Outdoor Security Cameras
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Home Security Cameras New York Citry

Protect your loved ones and property with M&D’s home security cameras. Keep an eye on potential intruders and even baby sitters right from your phone, computer or tablet. Call us for a home installation quote today.


Commercial Security Cameras Brooklyn, NY

From indoor dome cameras and night vision units to heavy duty surveillance and CCTV cameras, protect your business from the inside and out with M&D’s commercial security camera products and installation.


CCTV Cameras, Brooklyn, NY

M&D not only provides a wide variety of top line security cameras for your home or business, but we carry all monitoring devices and accessories from remote access to intercom integration. Our installation experts will provide an estimate that is right for any situation.

Security Cameras: Ideas For Your Home

M&D Locks and Keys has been installing and servicing security systems for years. We know the area and we know the neighborhood. The following are some issues that we have addressed for many other New Utrecht homeowners.

What are the common uses of home security cameras?

New Utrecht residents use security cameras for several reasons, but the most popular are deterring intruders and break-ins, safeguarding family members and property from theft and burglary and to monitor caregivers and in-home staff.

What are some of the top security camera systems for New Utrecht properties?

We hate to play favorites, but from years of experience, testing and servicing, we find there are three manufacturers that set themselves above the rest. Our favorites for reliability, stability and ease of use are Bosch, Sony and Samsung.

Due to their efficiency, these are the three principal brands we install for our clients. Should you already have another model, we may be able to service or update it for better functionality.Check with us first.

What types of security camera systems are there?

Network or IP cameras

These are the hottest systems and our best sellers. They incorporate numerous options and give you the ability to keep an eye on your home from your laptop or computer. You could even monitor your property from anywhere as long as you have a computer or other device with access to the internet.


Network systems also include monitoring from closed circuit television (CCTV). These units have gone through major improvements over the years and incorporate digital feed, recording and viewing on your computer from any location. You can even monitor your home while on vacation.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras provide a 360 degree view so they can rotate in any direction. If you’ve been to Atlantic City or Coney Island hotels you’ve likely recognized the dome structures protruding from the ceiling. The shape helps make it an attractive alternative for those searching for a maximum view without the protruding arm of various other cameras.

Imitation Monitoring Equipment

A less costly option, artificial camera devices provide the look of security without the cost. The objective is that likely thieves will see the camera and leave. Dome camera casing is often used for fake cameras. These devices are usually used by individuals who can’t afford a genuine security system, yet still need a deterrent for likely trespassers. They often include pulsating lights and are indistinguishable from actual cameras.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are designed to be more durable and are encased within a housing that will help them endure the harsh New York weather. The lenses will often be made from fog resistant glass so moisture and humidity doesn’t impair the view. Typically, they are pointed in one direction and have limited range. A few of the more expensive cameras can usually rotate their direction, but most cameras are motionless and need to be adjusted physically to change angles.

Night Vision

With infrared technology, night vision units permits you to observe an area almost completely obscured by darkness. A number of these models can now be used in both day and night, allowing for more dependable monitoring.

Wireless Security

The majority of the above models come with wireless and remote access technology so you don’t have to select from a good quality network camera and one that permits you to monitor your home while away. Now you can have both. These systems are perfect choices to avoid long cables, drilling and damage to your property.

Hidden Cameras

Some home owners ask us about spy cameras. We’ve set up some throughout the neighborhood. They can be of very good quality, but we rarely recommend them because a concealed camera does al,most nothing to help deter crime. It’s usually preferable to use cameras to avoid break-ins rather than capture them on tape.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors can be used with a lot of security systems. Furthermore, some devices are able to alert a security company. Several New Utrecht homeowners have their sensors set up for fire, smoke and harmful chemical compounds as well. Speak with your security professional to determine which configurations are best for your needs.

Are surveillance and alarm systems tricky to use?

Home security systems have become considerably easier to operate in the past few years. Our professionals will walk you through each step of using your system until you are completely confident operating it all on your own.

How do I set up my home security cameras?

It would be irresponsible for us to give suggestions about where to put your monitoring devices with no knowledge of the particular area you want to observe.

We frequently come across jobs where residents have purchased their security cameras at Walmart or Target in order to cut costs, but often, this equipment is not set up appropriately and does not operate the way they are supposed to. These outlets also provide marked down security models, which are limited in the scope of their performance. Your system cannot be properly installed without the technician being on site. Knowing exactly how to place the camera to obtain maximum visibility, prevent glare and act as a deterrent is the job of a skilled specialist.

We urge you to allow a professional technician install and service your security camera system, even if you go with someone else.

Security Cameras NYC

How effective are camera solutions? How well will they work?

Statistics indicate that effective use of security cameras won’t capture activity, but may deter break-ins and burglaries, but only when the system is installed properly. The leading problem with inadequate units is faulty installation and incorrect use. That’s why your video cameras must be installed by an expert. The reason why home security camera systems are so popular among New Utrecht residents is because they are indeed, very effective. They are effective at not only capturing critical activity, but as a deterrent as well. The Department of Homeland Security asserts that crime can be reduced in metropolitan areas up to 20% with the use of security cameras, but only if the system is put in and monitored properly.

What to Consider When Buying a System?

Use a pro. Don’t try putting in your system on your own. Home security is just too important. Call M&D at (718) 484-4050. Our technicians are experienced in New Utrecht home security installation. We’ll make sure your new security camera system is fully operational and that you are comfortable operating it without any help.

Determine if you’d like black and white displays or color. There could be a major price savings. The amount of available light in an location could help you make a decision. Dimly lit areas as well as those with a high degree of variable light will usually fare better with black and white. When the area to be monitored is indoors, you can look at color, but it might not be necessary.

Selecting the right resolution for your displays is important. The higher resolution, the better your images are going to be. Lower resolution might be cheaper, but are not good for detailed facial or feature recognition.

Lastly, be sure that your cameras, monitors, sensors and remote access devices are all compatible. Occasionally, we find residents that have acquired various makes and models and have found out that their cameras were not compatible with their other monitoring instruments. Try to stick to the same manufacturer for your components whenever you can.

What can I expect to spend for a system set up in New Utrecht?

The price of a new system can certainly determine the level of surveillance for your premises.

Here’s what we have to know: What do you have to track? Are there multiple rooms, a complete home or a business to be monitored? What is the square footage? Do you need outdoor or indoor security cameras? How state-of-the-art would you like your new security camera system? Will you need 24 hour surveillance, partial surveillance or motion detectors?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. Contact us at (718) 484-4050 and we’ll take you step-by-step through the entire process.

Helping Brooklyn consumers keep secure and safe is what we do best. Security cameras are just one way to protect your home from break-ins and intruders. You can also ask us about our alarm systems and specialty locks for your doors, windows, gates and garages. We’ll perform a full home assessment and show you where you’re susceptible. In the event your building or block doesn’t use a neighborhood watch system, then suggest one. Alert neighbors can do far more to deter criminal activity than just about anything else. It can be difficult within the city, but a dog can help with home security as well. For a home security evaluation, be sure to contact us at (718) 484-4050.

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