You lost keys to your car and don’t have a spare. It’s a digital transponder key unit or even worse, a keyless entry remote. How are you going to get someone to replace a key like that? Easy. Call M&D Locksmith and Security. Car key replacement in Brooklyn is our specialty. No other locksmith in New York City even comes close to our capability. 

Being locked out is no fun, but with 24/7 availability, M&D Locksmith and Security has the best car key replacement Brooklyn and most reliable emergency lockout service in the 5 boroughs. We have mobile units patrolling the city so chances are if you’re stuck, there’s an M&D professional, just around the corner.



Our mobile technicians go through rigorous lockout training and pre-screening to ensure your emergency is addressed quickly and honestly. Each one is trained and certified by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) so they can deliver the most efficient and reliable service to you.

M&D has something most other New York locksmiths do not—the ability to remake your lost, broken or stolen key on the spot. Our mobile units are equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry. They will make you a brand new key from their van, even if you do not have the original. This service is so specialized that many other locksmiths in the city often refer their customers to us, specifically for this service.

Why Choose Us

Here at M & D Locksmith and Security, on-time responding to our customers is our top priority in entire NYC. Offering 24-hour emergency services, we can dispatch a Brickell locksmith to your location quickly. Our mobile locksmiths arrive with everything needed to do the job quickly, professionally, and correctly the first time. 

Qualified Expert

We offer FREE on-site estimates and NEVER charge for service-calls or any other fees until the job is done. This excludes lockout services

Emergency Mobile Locksmith

M&D Locksmith and Security is a full-service mobile, commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith provider with technicians that will meet you where you are.

Honest Services

We adhere to the highest standards in business ethics and customer service. The customer should always expect honest and reliable information from us.

Affordable Prices

We take pride in our honest and affordable pricing. We never charge extra for holidays or weekends. Our pricing remains the same throughout the year.

Quick Lockout Services NYC

Our quick lockout services ensure that you don’t wait long. We guarantee we will be in your location right away!

5-Star Locksmith in NYC

M&D Locksmith and Security is a top-rated 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn with over 500 reviews on google's and other platforms.

5 star locksmith in brooklyn NYC

With locations on all 5 boroughs on NYC, M&D Locks and Keys is Brooklyn’s #1 locksmith. Our 5-Star customer ratings are among the best in the business, but not only do thousands of Brooklyn residents use M&D, so do hundreds of businesses, organizations and government agencies including the NYPD, FDNY and the New York City Sheriff. Even the US Marines use M&D Locks and Keys because we’re fast, licensed and reliable.

If everyone else in Brooklyn relies on M&D to get them back in, so can you. Not only is your safety and security are our number one concern, but we take extra care to make sure your property is not damaged as a result of our services.​


M&D Locksmith and Security provides 24-hour locksmith in Brooklyn, NYC. We are ready with our 24-hour mobile units throughout all 5 boroughs of New York City. Our emergency NYC locksmith technicians will get to you right away or less. We’re a licensed and experienced locksmith near you. So, we not only get to you fast, but also get you back on your way fast. Call and let us help you!


You lost keys to your car and don’t have a spare. It’s a digital transponder key unit or even worse, a keyless entry remote. How are you going to get someone to replace a key like that? Easy. Call M&D Locksmith and Security. Car key replacement in Brooklyn is our specialty. No other locksmith in New York City even comes close to our capability.

It doesn’t matter if you have a highly advanced remote access car key, a digital security unit in your home or business or a vintage locking system that has been out of production for a hundred years. Our technicians are trained to handle all lockout situations and have the experience to get you back in and on your way quickly.

Keyless Entry Remote – Get a Replacement

You have a sophisticated key FOB or remote car key unit that you’ve either lost, need reprogrammed or even replaced. Having invested in the most advanced key duplication equipment on the market, our vans are equipped with all the tools to make you a brand new key on the spot, even keyless entry remotes, FOB keys and transponder keys. No going back to the shop for parts while you wait. We have everything right within our mobile locksmith units and our technicians have been specially trained on every make and model of car so no matter what you drive, we have a solution for you. Best car key replacement Brooklyn.

Key FOB Replacement Brooklyn

Transponder keys, FOB Keys, remote access devices, panic buttons and keyless entry units can all be duplicated by our experienced locksmiths, even without the original. We simply enter the right information into the system and contact your auto manufacturer with the details. They give us the specs and we can have a new key for you in no time, night or day, 24/7.

Transponder Key Programmers

You want your car key replacement Brooklyn or reprogrammed fast so you can get on with your day. Many other locksmiths in Manhattan and Brooklyn refer key programming jobs to us because M&D has the technology to program or make a brand new digital key unit. And each one of our mobile units carries this technology.

Here’s How you Get the Best Car Key Locksmith

The NYPD, New York City Sheriff and US Marines all trust M&D Locks and Keys for their lock and key replacement jobs. Bob Baker of Manhattan also uses us for their cars as well, as do Geico Insurance, the New York State retirement System and thousands of New Yorkers and residents in the tri-state area. Many NYC locksmiths consumers call are not real locksmiths. They’re call centers and they’ll send your service job out to whoever gives them the highest price. Often, these locksmiths are not licensed or insured. All M&D technicians are highly trained not only in every lock and key situation, but on the streets of New York City as well so when you call, you’re not only getting a licensed and insured lock and key professional, you’re getting someone who can maneuver the side streets of the City during rush hour to get to you fast. Once we arrive, we have the technology and experience to get you back on your way fast, too. M&D Locks and Keys is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America and we promote honest and fair business practices among those in the security industry. We know trust is important, so we go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

Car Key Duplication, Key Extraction and Emergency Lockout

We love tough jobs, especially those that our competitors can’t do. Duplicating your transponder, remote access, keyless entry and panic button units would be good enough, but we’re also good at extracting broken pieces from ignition systems. Have a key broken off or stuck in your car door? We have special tools for that, too. M&D is a full service locksmith specializing in automotive, residential and commercial lock and key situations. If you’ve got a lock or key problem, we’re here to help. Remember, regardless of the kind of car or truck you drive, M&D Locks and Keys are New York City’s top automotive locksmith, specializing in car key replacement, but a whole lot more. Call us 24/7 for emergency lockout service or to replace a lost or stolen key. A mobile technician is right around the corner.  

  • 24/7 emergency lockout service.
  • Transponder and remote access car keys are our specialty.
  • Broke your key in the ignition or door? No problem, call now.
  • No Keys? Well make you a new one—on location.
  • Mobile units in all 5 boroughs. There’s one near you now.
  • The NYPD, FDNY and New York City Sheriff use M&D Locks and Keys.
  • All our locksmiths are licensed, insured and trained.
  • The Most Trusted Locksmith in the 5 Boroughs

Only Use Licensed Car Key Locksmith (M&D Lic #1346389)

We know the scams as well as the tarnished reputation the locksmith industry has received over the years, especially in New York City. M&D Locksmith and Security has been an outspoken proponent of stricter locksmith laws and regulations. Never trust a locksmith that shows up in an unmarked vehicle and especially one that cannot produce a valid locksmith license. We know trust is important. Our goal is to make you so satisfied with our services that you’ll not only write a good review for us in Google and Yelp, but that you’ll add our telephone number to your mobile device should you need us in the future. We’re contributing members of the New York community and are here to stay. We have two shops in Brooklyn and mobile units that patrol areas throughout the city. We’re trusted by the NYPD, New York City Sheriff, the US Marines and countless New York businesses such as Armani, Sleepy’s New York, Geico, the New York State Retirement System, Ted Baker Manhattan, Brookdale Residence and PM Pediatrics of Brooklyn as well as many others.

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Reliability, honesty, integrity

There are a lot of scams out there. We understand the nature of the New York locksmith industry. It is plagued by crooks and opportunists. At M&D, we advocate for openness and honesty among the locksmith industry. That’s why many city, state and federal agencies such as the NYPD, New York City Sheriff and the US Marines trust us with their security. We’ll never show up in an unmarked car, we’ll never charge you more than what is fair and we will not break or destroy property unless it is with your permission and absolutely necessary to gain access.

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