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  • We’ll get to you fast.
  • 24/7 emergency lockout service.
  • Transponder and remote access car keys are our specialty.
  • Broke your key in the ignition or door? No problem, call now.
  • No Keys? Well make you a new one—on location.
  • Mobile units in all 5 boroughs. There’s one near you now.
  • The NYPD, FDNY and New York City Sheriff use M&D Locks and Keys.
  • All our locksmiths are licensed, insured and trained.
  • The Most Trusted Locksmith in the 5 Boroughs

We know the scams as well as the tarnished reputation the locksmith industry has received over the years, especially in New York City. M&D Locks and Keys has been an outspoken proponent of stricter locksmith laws and regulations. Never trust a locksmith that shows up in an unmarked vehicle and especially one that cannot produce a valid locksmith license.

We know trust is important. Our goal is to make you so satisfied with our services that you’ll not only write a good review for us in Google and Yelp, but that you’ll add our telephone number to your mobile device should you need us in the future.

We’re contributing members of the New York community and are here to stay. We have two shops in Brooklyn and mobile units that patrol areas throughout the city. We’re trusted by the NYPD, New York City Sheriff, the US Marines and countless New York businesses such as Armani, Sleepy’s New York, Geico, the New York State Retirement System, Ted Baker Manhattan, Brookdale Residence and PM Pediatrics of Brooklyn as well as many others.

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Response time

Mobile Locksmith and Security Service for New York’s 5 Boroughs:

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,
Staten Island and the Bronx.

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