No, not all locks are able to be picked. Some residential and commercial locks are high-security and pick resistant.

Yes, but only if all of the locks have the same keyway or are made by the same manufacturer.

No, brooklyn manhattan  Locksmith does not charge a service fee when simply inspecting your locks. Estimates are free.

No, Brooklyn Manhattan Locksmith was founded on the extensive knowledge of three generations of locksmiths. I will personally take care of all your locksmith needs.

Rekeying means you can keep your present locks, but requires changing the pins inside them so any copies of your old key will no longer work. Rekeying saves you time and money!

At brooklynmanhattanlocksmith, we accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and checks.

The answer depends on the particular lock. With over 10 years of first-hand experience installing and repairing residential and commercial locks, I can tell if a lock is capable of being fixed or if the lock will need to be replaced altogether.

Most locks can be installed within 30 minutes, but this depends on the type of lock and if there are any modifications that need to be done.

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