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locksmith in brooklyn

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We have 5 location in Brooklyn

M&D Locksmith is Ready to Serve in Brooklyn,NY

If you are looking for an honest, reliable, and emergency locksmith in Brooklyn ,NY. For taking care of your locks and security related issues. M&D is Locksmith and Security is the most trusted name in Brooklyn, NY. We have over a decade in this industry. Which has led us to become the best locksmith company for many people throughout the region. So, not only are we reliable, but we have a fully loaded van and for quick response . And make sure we can get your key issues worked out fast and efficiently.

Our Locksmith Services in Brooklyn,NY

A Reliable Car Locksmith in Queens

Keeping up with your vehicle is not always the easiest thing to do. No matter how much or little you may be working with to make it happen. So contacting a car locksmith in Queens, NY specialist from our company can give you the benefit necessary in allowing you to move forward with whatever may be going on with your needs. And, if you need replacement car keys, we can take care of pretty much anything that you’re looking for.Even if it’s a transponder key or ignition key that requires special tools to be able to copy and not to mention a special car expert that cares!

24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

We all want to have peace of mind if we ever must deal with something like an emergency lockout, right? So our 24-hour emergency services are always available. We have decided to offer 24-hour lock service for anyone who must deal with these situations. That means, no matter where in the region you may be locked out, we will work in getting a 24-hour emergency service from our team out to you .We have a fully loaded van that the on-call tech has access to which gives them all the tools they need to open your car quickly.

On Call Residential Locksmiths

Locksmith in brooklyn,ny

In Queens, there are many homeowners that wanna know that their residential door locks are so secure as they can be and that residential technicians can assure them of their home  safety and security. So, if you’re looking into get your locks re-keyed or replaced and  just want a residential locksmith that can take care of a home lockout. We’re here for you.

A Commercial Locksmith You Can Count On

Locksmith in brooklyn,ny

Taking care of your business is also important. Like dealing with commercial door locks and commercial lockouts should only be done by a professional commercial ace. So call our Queens locksmith team today and learn about your options for a security lock or other commercial service needs that your business may have.

Right Choice Locksmith for New York City

Mobile Units throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey

When you hire an M&D professional locksmith, you’re getting a real licensed lock and key pro.Who not only knows how to get you in and on your way, but will do it without destroying your property.

Don’t hire just any locksmith you find online. Many of them aren’t locksmiths, but are call centers that send your request out to the highest bidder, regardless if they’re licensed or not. You can usually recognize them because they use bait and switch tactics, advertising a cheap $19 or $15 lockout service, but when they arrive, you find out that price was only for the service call. Getting you back in will cost a lot more. That’s when you call M&D Locks and Keys.

M&D Locks and Keys is a true local locksmith with two shops in New York City and fully functional mobile units patrolling all five boroughs. When you call M&D, you get a locksmith who is not only a NYC community partner, but one that promotes honest and fair business practices as established by the FTC and Better Business Bureau. We’re licensed, certified and insured.

Car Key Replacement Near You

All our locksmiths can replace your key FOB, transponder key, keyless entry unit and panic button right from their van, even if you’ve lost the original. That’s lockout technology most other locksmiths don’t provide.

With mobile units throughout all 5 boroughs, our 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn, NY technicians will get to you as soon as possible. We’re licensed and experienced so we not only get to you fast, but we get you back on your way fast, too.

Certified Locksmith in Brooklyn,NY

Our Promise to You – Licensed, Certified and Insured Lock and Key Professionals Every Time

We know trust is important so all our locksmith apprentices work alongside our seasoned professionals and must pass our rigorous standards before they can call themselves an M&D Locksmith. They also get trained on navigation so they know the best routes to get to you the quickest, even during that NYC rush hour. Once they pass all these requirements, then they and become certified and are eligible for membership in the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Call the best! Call M&D Locks and Keys.

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  •   I called and received an immediate response. Amazing locksmith service and quick business!! They were very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend. Best place in the area!

    thumb Madison C.
  •   I contacted M&D Locks and Keys and Joe the technician came to my apartment pretty quickly (thank you for the swift response!) He was extremely nice and made small talk with me and gave his best advice. He was very knowledgeable with every question I asked.

    He took care of two Iocks for me! I was very pleased with his service. He even left for half hour to get a gold lock for my door. He truly went above and beyond for me. Thank you!

    thumb Kat M.
  •   Since the Joey asked, no the vendor did not give me free keys because he didn't have a reason to but was incredibly sympathetic considering what you did and how you treated me. In total the cost per key ratio was $5 per key.

    To others looking for a locksmith - don't let the 4.5 overall rating confuse you. Service is overpriced and Joey is unprofessional at best.

    thumb Madeline L.
  •   Amazing Locksmiths!! I called about programming a new key for my car as the old key was lost and the person on the phone was very friendly and helped 100%, wasnt able to go to the store and they came right to me. They showed up within 30mins spent about 10mins or less and it was a done deal. Great service and I stand by them 110%. Thank you M&D.

    thumb Kristian S.
  •   Extra car key made in 10 minutes for my 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe!
    Great service best price $10!!!!

    thumb Pearl L.
  •   Did an excellent job replacing our locks a couple years ago. Just had more keys made and they were very responsive and professional. Highly recommend.

    thumb Alisa W.
  •   Joey is a total pro - fast, responsive and excellent at his job.  We use him for both our building locks and our apartment locks, and we never call anyone else.

    thumb Ellen B.
  •   I feel lucky to know about M and D locksmith. They responded immediately both times I've used them. They know everything about locks, keys, etc. and are very professional in their services.

    thumb Virginia N.
  •   Honest locksmith!!! After calling so many locksmith services in Brooklyn to get my office locks replaced, I found M&D locks and keys with such an honest price. It started with excellent communication skills from the start, followed by arrival at a timely manner, and to top it all, it was straight to the point and honest dealing from the begging. I knew this was the locksmith I will use to replace all the locks in my office.

    A true angel! A very strong recommendation for those who don't have time to waste.

    Definitely worth the space in my contacts for a locksmith.

    Thank you.

    thumb Ari Z.
  •   Joey was professional, polite, prompt, extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He did a fantastic job.

    thumb Katherine M.
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