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locksmith in Bronx

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M&D Locksmith is Ready to Serve in Bronx,NY

If you are looking for an honest, reliable, and dependable locksmith company in Bronx, NY. For taking care of your locks and security related issues. M&D is Locksmith and Security is the most trusted name  in Bronx, NY. We have over a decade in this industry. Which has led us to become the best locksmith company for many people throughout the region. So, not only are we reliable, but we have a fully loaded van for quickness and make sure we can get your key issues worked out fast and efficiently.

Our Locksmith Services in New York

A Reliable Car Locksmith in Bronx

Keeping up with your vehicle is not always the easiest thing to do. No matter how much or little you may be working with to make it happen. So contacting a car locksmith in Bronx, NY specialist from our company can give you the benefit necessary in allowing you to move forward with whatever may be going on with your needs. And, if you need replacement car keys, we can take care of pretty much anything that you’re looking for.Even if it’s a transponder key or ignition key that requires special tools to be able to copy and not to mention a special car expert that cares!

24 Hour Emergency Services

Locksmith in brooklyn,ny

We all want to have peace of mind if we ever must deal with something like an emergency lockout, right? That’s why; our 24-hour emergency services are always available. We have decided to offer 24-hour lock service for anyone who must deal with these situations. That means, no matter where in the region you may be locked out, we will work in getting a 24-hour emergency service from our team out to you.  We have a fully loaded van that the on-call tech has access to which gives them all the tools they need to open your car quickly.

On Call Residential Locksmiths

Locksmith in brooklyn,ny

In Bronx, there are many homeowners that wanna know that their residential door locks are so secure as they can be and that residential technicians can assure them of their home s safety and security. So, if you’re looking into get your locks re-keyed or replaced and  just want a residential locksmith that can take care of a home lockout. We’re here for you.

A Commercial Locksmith You Can Count On

locksmith in bronx,NY

Taking care of your business is also important. Like dealing with commercial door locks and commercial lockouts should only be done by a professional commercial ace. So call our Bronx locksmith team today and learn about your options for a security lock or other commercial service needs that your business may have.

Fastest Locksmith Response in Bronx,NY
Though it’s not as big as some of the other boroughs. We get a lot of emergency lockout requests from the Bronx. After a Yankee game is always a busy time so our technicians will be standing by. Whether your locked out at the Bay Plaza Shopping Center, the Bronx Zoo or off the Pelham Parkway. Our mobile units are ready and waiting for your call. 

With our mobile locksmith units in the area, chances are there’s an M&D locksmith technician right around the corner. Each van contains all the tools and parts necessary to get you back on you back in fast. If you’ve lost your automotive transponder key, key FOB, panic button or keyless entry unit. Our technicians can replace it right on the spot. So, there’s not need to go back to the shop.

If you’ve broken off your key in the door or ignition, our specialized key extraction equipment will do almost any job – without damaging your door or ignition. From electronic and digital entry systems to heavy duty industrial locking units and rusted over vintage locks, M&D technicians are prepared for any job. We’ve seen it all.

Home and Business Security

If you’ve got a retail shop on Westchester Avenue, East 149th Street or anywhere within the Bronx, give us a call. We can get into locked filing cabinets, safes and desk drawers. We’ll even change out all your locks and replace them with updated locking units. Electronic key card and key pad devices are a common request among business owners in the Bronx.

As often and we get calls for digital security systems. We also get a lot of Bronx homeowners wanting simple, but highly secure locks for their home, apartment or condo. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. We’ll schedule a technician for you at your convenience – even immediately if you need it.


Not only do our drivers know the Bronx and can get to you quickly even in the heaviest traffic.But once he or she arrives, you know you are getting a technician you can trust. All our apprentices work alongside seasoned locksmith professionals. Before they can become a locksmith themselves. They go through a rigorous training process .Sometimes for as long as a year – before they can become a certified M&D Locksmith professional. Not only do we train on different type of lock and key scenarios, but all technicians go through a screening process and background check.

Technicians carry with the GPS devices to pinpoint your exact location. But we don’t just rely on that technology. We also train our drivers on the streets of the Bronx. So they know the shortcuts and secret passages to get to you even faster.

Each M&D locksmith carries with them an updated license and verification of insurance. If that’s not enough trust, M&D use regularly used by the NYPD, FDNY and the New York City Sheriff. If they can trust us, so can you.


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