4 Low Cost Ways to Secure Your Home

And now that we made it through the holidays, we can get back to business—well, as much business as the winter will allow. We certainly hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying football.

After the holidays, most homes are full of new gadgets and valuable merchandise that thieves would love to get their hands on. There are a few low cost protective measures that you can do to help protect not only your stuff, but your loved ones as well. And, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to do it, either.

The first thing we suggest is to get yourself a home security sign, even if you don’t have a home security system. Thieves are looking for the low hanging fruit. If they think there is a chance they’ll get caught, they’ll skip your home and move on to the next. A home security sign can be just enough to send burglars on their way. We highly suggest getting a good alarm system if you’re concerned about someone breaking into your home, but if you can’t afford it, a sign will work pretty well, nonetheless.

We’re dog lovers. Rather, we’re dog LOVERS. We love dogs, not just as loyal pets, but as an awesome security measure. The bigger, the better, but even a small yappy dog is enough to cause enough noise to chase away any threat of burglary, even when you’re not home. Don’t forget your BEWARE OF DOG sign. You know the ones, with the face of a big ferocious, snarling dog in the middle. Put the sign on side gates and all entrances. Put it near windows and doorways. Make sure intruders know that they’re taking their own life in their hands by attempting to break into your home.

Now, as much as we love dogs, we always discourage people from training their dogs to be mean or to bite intruders. Many dogs will do this instinctively to protect you, but if you’re caught training your dog to be aggressive and it actually does bite someone, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. An aggressive dog is unnecessary anyway, statistics show that just the presence of a dog is enough to protect you and your stuff.

One neat trick that we’ve used is to place old baby monitors by entry ways. This way, you can hear someone entering your home. Be prepared with a telephone to call for help and never try to fight off an intruder yourself. If you hear someone in the house, call 911 immediately and follow their instructions. Sometimes just making a lot of noise will scare them off.

Finally, be sure to make sure all your door locks and window locks are working properly. You can call a locksmith like M&D Locks and Keys to come by and give you an estimate on home protection. Will give you all sorts of ideas to stay safe this winter so you can feel comfortable while you’re out or at home watching football.