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The United States Federal Trade Commission has released a warning to consumers in order to help them be better prepared when working with car locksmiths. Most big cities, including Brooklyn, have experienced their share of ripoffs and fraud with unlicensed automotive locksmiths. Hopefully the following information will help you find a good car key locksmith professional.

Individuals often make irrational choices when they are frantic, such as in a lockout situation. They stress and panic and contact the very first car key locksmith they can find without checking them out thoroughly. It’s no wonder you’ll find so many bad players waiting to take advantage of locked out consumers. Many people will do whatever it takes to get back in control. In a desperate situation, people are expected to pay on the spot so there is no invoicing and no second thought.

Locksmith Automotive Brooklyn NY

Find a Car Key Locksmith before You Actually Need One

Based on the advice of numerous lock and key authorities like Joe Bar of M&D Locks and Keys, you should do your research before you get locked out. There are lots of experts throughout Brooklyn. You can check for customer ratings and evaluations like those you see on Yelp. See what associations they belong to and contact them to see what their service is like. Don’t forget to ask for a current permit and insurance coverage. Having identified one you like, be sure to keep their phone number handy, not just in your cell phone, but in other places too, like your wallet. Ours is (718) 484-4050.

All Types of Car Keys Replaced for All Makes and Models

Cars today all use some kind of electronic device for entry and possibly for ignition. FOB keys, transponder keys, panic buttons, remote access and keyless entry devices are all highly innovative systems, but an effective automotive lockout expert will know how to duplicate and replace them all, even without an original. Be sure the car locksmith you want is competent with these systems. Nearly all locksmiths will know them (but he or she may not really be proficient with them); after all, it’s where they make the most money.

Make Sure the Service is Local

When checking on the internet for a professional business, ensure they have a local listing with a lot of customer testimonials, a local contact number and address. You want to make sure the locksmith knows the vicinity and is a Brooklyn local.

Stay away from cash-only businesses. If a locksmith won’t take a credit card, it’s a warning sign that they’re concealing something.

The Best Car Locksmiths are Well-Rounded

Should you have a particular need like a safe that needs opening or a door that is jammed shut, locksmiths often offer these types of services as well. If you can find one that not only offers emergency lockout solutions, but home security camera installation, security windows and doors, then you know you’ve got a specialist who probably knows their stuff. It’s a good idea to look for a business who specializes in automotive lockout emergencies and car security.

Make sure your vehicle locksmith will come to you regardless of where you are. Their service area should be in all five boroughs, not just Brooklyn. If you’re stuck in Sunset Park, Bensonhurst or, help you, Williamsburg, that’s fine, but if you decide to travel to Queens or Staten Island for the day, make sure your automotive locksmith will meet you there as well, just in case you locked your keys in the car.

If a locksmith lets you back in your car without asking for evidence of ownership beforehand, then be skeptical. They are, in fact, required to do this. Never trust a car locksmith who is more interested in making a buck than following the law.

M&D Locks and Keys – Car key Experts

M&D Locks and Keys has some of the most advance automotive lockout equipment in the city. We’ll replace your FOB, transponder unit, keyless entry device and panic button on the spot. No other  car key locksmith nyc has our capability. For fast service call (718) 484-4050.

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