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Have you lost or broken your car keys? Need key fob replacement? It’s a much bigger problem than it used to be with today’s hi tech key FOB and transponder keys. But getting a new key FOB made isn’t as bad as you think. M&D Locks and Keys has the most advanced key FOB repair and replacement equipment in New York City. We can replace your key FOB, even if you don’t have the original. All our locksmith vans are mini locksmith shops so there’s no need to go back to the shop. We’ll replace your key FOB, transponder key, panic button or keyless entry unit right on the spot.


Here’s how we do it:

We take the owner details from your car and enter it into our system. The system contacts the manufacturer who gives us the exact specifications of your FOB. From that information, our machines crank out a new key for you. We have hundreds of key shells in stock and can find the exact unit for your car.

key fob replacement

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You’ll receive a FOB that will be an exact replica your original. You’ll be back on your way in no time. This is lockout technology that the other New York City locksmiths just don’t have. That’s why M&D Locks and Keys should always be the first locksmith you call whenever you get in a bind. In fact, log emergency lockout number in your mobile phone right now. It’s (500) 561-2413.


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Car ignitions have gotten a lot more complicated than they used to be. Rather than a simple key to open and start your car, most automobiles come with a key FOB, transponder key, remote access unit or even a keyless entry FOB. They often include a button to open your trunk, rear door (for mini vans) and a panic button, which set off the car alarm by holding the button down. Not every locksmith can replace these units. In fact many New York City locksmiths refer their tough jobs to M&D Locks and Keys.


Ever wonder what FOB actually means?

Nobody knows the meaning of FOB, though some will say it means Finger Operated Button or Frequency Operated Button. The German word for pocket is “fuppe” so some will claim the word FOB comes from that. The truth of the matter is that it likely stands for nothing. The word has been in existence for centuries and can refer to a key chain or digital unit to open a locked door or entry way.Every car key fob replacement nyc is a new excitement for us.

In the case of your vehicle, your key FOB is really your remote access transponder key device. It’s a much more convenient way for unlocking and locking your car door.

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